She said she had the key
To One-Eyed Willie’s treasure.
We all knew she was lying.
Who cares that she was in 5th grade
When we were in 1st?
Didn’t she have anything better to do
Than attempt to lord over us?

Of course the key was
Hidden somewhere nearby.
It was always in our hearts and minds
But we thought it was maybe
Under a rock in Justin’s backyard.

That particular quest
Died with dinner time.
Others like it were cast aside
Soon after, replaced by pretense
And awkward striving
To be older, to fit into molds
Cast by magazines and TV.

I guess that magic has to die
One way or another.
It waits patiently under ground
For its resurrection.

Until that day when children
Take over your home
And paint the walls
Fantastical colors.

So today I find myself to be
Ponyo’s dad, under orders by Sosuke.
This is the third world we’ve visited today.
Maybe in a while we’ll swim as dolphins
In an ocean of simple joy.

I know that one day
This magic will die again.
I brace myself for that inevitability
And embrace this moment.

Let’s hope that one day
They too will have kids
So that the magic will once again
Illumine our tired hearts.