To My Mother

Twenty-one years after you left this world,
still I cannot fathom
all that you have been to me
in both your presence and your absence.

From the dawn of my life
and even to this day,
you have taught me life’s most important lesson.
Love was your natural state
regardless of who walked through our doors.

Now as my daughter is to enter this world
my heart aches that you are not here.
Still I smile and give thanks
because the light you cast during those twelve years
continues to brighten my world.

I pray that God will make me
a reflection of your love
as I raise your granddaughter;
that perhaps in me she might see
a piece of you.


When your heart…

When your heart has been stolen
by the true Master Thief
then you will know
that all you have been chasing
and all you have been fleeing
is but a shadow.

Run into the light
until you become the light
and light is all you see.

“Thou art My light and My light shall never be extinguished…”

– Baha’u’llah