Jamey’s Death

I got the phone call
from his distressed
drug addict neighbor.
Jamey was dead.

So I dropped what I was doing
and drove over there
to arrive at the moment
that had been looming
in my mind for months.

His body was there
stiff, lifeless, no longer Jamey.
Just an empty shell.

I prayed for him
and tried to figure out what to do.
Me the supposed next of kin
with no family ties
or legal authority,
just the only stable friend
to a lost soul.

We sifted through
the archives of a hapless life,
found an estranged sister,
and were reminded
that life is really
damn complicated.

Jamey is gone now
and the mess he left
has been swept away.

I still don’t know
what to think of everything
but sometimes I still
pray for him
because I remember
that in the end
we are all just lost souls
in need of God’s grace.


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